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Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design †

Question: Discuss about the Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design. Answer: Introduction: The report falls under the reflective type of report. According to the name reflective report I am making this report so as to present all the things that I have learnt from the lectures and the tasks that I have performed during the lectures(blog#2; 23rd July 2017). I have mentioned the cross referencing blogs in the paragraphs from where I have considered the blogs. The title page consists of the link of the blog which I have uploaded on WordPress. This will help in taking anyone directly to the pages that have the blogs. I have divided this report into several parts so as to understand the knowledge that I have gained after attending the lectures. I have gone through the various units and analysed the parts along with evaluating them. This report is mainly focused on the problems that I have discovered about the system, in the later portion of the report I have also made an action plan so as to support the knowledge that I have gained and this plan is based upon my views and the analysis that I have made. The conclusion portion consists of the summarisation of all my knowledges. Many considerations were made regarding the incident before the design thinking but the main reason for which I have selected this incident is for the betterment of the society and lifestyle of the people in several ways(blog#3,27thJuly 2017). Knowledge gained: Design thinking helps in complete changing of the point of view of a certain individual. Existence of many people in this world who always want new technologies has made us to think about operating in a modern way. Design thinking not only helps me to earn benefits but also helps the other peoples who are not even linked with me to earn benefits(blog#3; 3rdAugust 2017). Our office had had developed a software for submitting the taxes online. One day when I reached the office I saw that many people were facing problems when they had deposited their tax online by the use of a software. This made them pay huge penalties. For saving their time people used the online software but instead of earning benefits they faced huge problems. This made me think about the bad design and the bad coding procedure involved in the process of developing a software (blog#4; 11th August 2017). When the problem raised, people were made to visit the office for solving their problem as a result the valuable t ime of the peoples were lost. When I came home and checked the online process and I was very much shocked to see that there were many faults involved in the online portal. I tried to examine this software and I was very much shocked to see that the main reason was improper design, present of bugs and improper coding process. Analysis and evaluation: The incident discussed above helps me to notice that most of the people were not aware of the online procedure involved in the process of filing taxes online. For example, there was man who was depositing his tax manually also argued with the officials that his tax calculations are also incorrect after seeing that online process was defective. He was arguing about the fact that the total process of tax filing is defective including the manual process. By arguing with the officials he was totally wasting the time and was blocking the way of the peoples who were actually facing the problem. Moreover, according to the analysis the liberal environment and the lack of awareness regarding the tax filing procedures are not the only reason for the problem but it also includes the waste of time of the office and the management procedure of the office. This will also help the competing peoples to take advantage thereby helping them to take a lead. According to my analysis I detected the lag behinds in the software which were resulting in the increased amount of problems. Spontaneously there is also a need for evaluating the awareness in the minds of the people who were taking it very casually(blog#9; 5thOctober 2017). Development area: Looking into the current situation of the office and according to my analysis there are many areas which needs to be developed and enhanced. We are aware of the fact that the first section of the report consists of the interactions with the customer. This section consists of the process of serving the customers and for that there is a need for developing a new software which wont cause any further difficulties(blog#5; 20th August 2017). There might be also some people who forgets to file their taxes so the software must include some specifications so as to give a reminder about the date of filing the taxes. Moreover, as I have discussed that the people are not aware of the processes of filing their taxes so it might cause serious issues if they are not made aware of the real and the proper procedures. It is the sole responsibility of us to make the people aware about how to use the software properly. Improvement in the above mentioned areas the software developer country can gets benefits along with helping the peoples(blog#10; 5thOctober 2017). Civic values:: Strength: The strength that I have acquired is to analyse any situation and if in case if the situation is running in an unexpected way then it is possible for me to give a solution that can help in getting out of the unexpected situation. I am not able to see any type of way that is miss leaded or make my brain think out of the box not even when the system or the work is being done properly(blog#12; 6thOctober 2017). The types which includes this type of thinking are the best way to get out of the working ways that are old. For example,when I went to one of the launch program of a cell phone I saw that when the people were sitting at the back were unable to see the product when it was taken out of the box. The first idea which came in my mind was the launch should be done be presented live or a video recording on a big screen which will help the people sitting at the back to see the product. The reflection report that I have made consist of my strength which in help in providing the better se rvice to the customers and the new software needs to be developed for the purpose of creating better awareness and to provide a better service to the customers. Weakness: The main weakness that I suffer is the opposite part of the strengths that I have gained. I may face many situations where I am unable to develop new ideas about the possible ways that can be adopted so as to face the problems(blog#12; 6th October 2017). Some situations might occur where it is totally impossible to develop new ideas. The worst idea that came in my mind regarding the situation discussed above is the total abolishment of the online process for filing of the taxes. The waste ideas that comes in the mind should be totally skipped during the process of design thinking. Waste ideas can lead to more bad situations(blog#4; 11th August 2017). Action plan: Based on the learning outcome of this course, I have developed an action plan for launching a new software application. The most basic steps included in the development of a software are: No. Criteria Time period Status Result 1 Data gathering 1 month Deployed successfully Knowledge regarding requirements 2 Designing 1 month Deployed successfully Appropriate designing without faults. 3 Coding 2 months Deployed successfully Appropriate design of software 4 Testing 1 month Deployed successfully Detecting issues 5 Implementation 1 month Deployed successfully Reals problems 6 Maintenance 1 month Deployed successfully Solving the issues Data collection and analysis: In this procedure the essential, needs for building up software are collected. At the point when the data have been accumulated, an analysis has been achieved in order to approve the requirements as well as incorporating the prerequisites on the procedure of programming advancement. At last, a record is made for serving the following period of the improvement procedure this study and gathering of the necessity is improved the situation in 1 month. This procedure has been instructed to us on the first and the second week. Design: This progression incorporates the way toward outlining the product with the prerequisite determinations that were accumulated on the primary stage. System designing assists me to determine the equipment as well as the needs of the system and furthermore to introduce the general plan. This procedure turns out to be particularly simple to me in the wake of going to the addresses. In addition, designing is to improve the situation the following 1 months so that there does not exists any issues if there exists any issue then it should be expelled. Coding: The third period of the activity design incorporates the coding and I need to do it after the way toward outlining is finished. This is the longest period of software development thus I will need right around two months. This procedure will be especially simple for me as I have learnt numerous new things from the addresses gave to us on the addresses. Testing: After finishing of the third stage I will continue for the testing of the created code in order to locate the diverse issues and to moderate those issues. I will see the codes from various prospects as I was instructed in the classes. Implementation: This stage will incorporate the dispatch of the product and first beta testing when the software will reach to the clients. This stage will likewise incorporate the identification of the issues and will help me to note down the issues for the taking care of the issues. This organization and testing will practically take one month.Maintenance: This will be the last period of the building up software. This stage will incorporate the procedure for solving that I will do as such that the clients measurement not confront any further troubles. As I have learnt in the addresses given the continuous weeks I am very much aware of the procedures required for recognizing and tackling the issues. This critical thinking procedure will nearly take around one month. Expected outcome: Discussions have been made and been explained in the above paragraphs in which there is a need of modification in recent system of running responsible for having changes in the office. The employees of office have to observe all the changes that are taking place inside the organisation. Looking into the matter of making the peoples are aware of the facts that are included in the process of change. Marketing agencies will help in making the peoples understand the proper process and what are the necessary steps that should be taken by them for the purpose of solving the problems that might be faced by them. Proper developed software will help in adopting a proper and a problem free process. Proper maintenance team should be recruited for the purpose of meeting the customers problems. A proper software needs to be developed for this purpose. Conclusion: The reflective report explained above helps us to conclude that the process of design thinking helps us a lot for my personal development and also for the development of the society. Different views can help in bringing positive as well as negative changes in the firm but still there remains an option of choosing the right option by the higher authorities. Action plan has been developed for the purpose of making a new developed software for the development of the office along with helping it out in the field of competition and to obtain a higher position in the market. Bibliography: Acar, S., Runco, M. A. (2015). 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